“ ....Sometimes I walk  the city at night, slowly drifting through the streets, exploring the edges of the city where the light of the city touches the darker surroundings. I like these explorations as night time walking offers a completely different experience from daytime walks. You are encapsulated with darkness, life presents itself muted, and the city seems to take the role of selecting things to show you. The street lights give a left piece of trash centre stage, the sound of traffic in the distance piercing the quiet, the rhythm of darkness and light on the street you are walking. There might be a geometric shape on the pavement from the light out of a single window or a pop of red in a sign that you would otherwise not have noticed. The surroundings change shape and form while traversing them and present themselves in multiple ways. Drifting through these city spaces there is a feeling of adventure and alertness, where I relate differently to what is around me and to who I am in this space. Almost like a game I choose to go left, right, take big or small steps, tilt my head towards a particular smell or sound. I notice the things around me start to speak up and something happens between us. With less of a visual reference I sense, connect and think more intensely as I am between all of these different things. The discarded mouth masks, the humming electricity cables, the wobbly sidewalk beneath my feet, the wind on my face, the graffiti wall I pass, the person approaching; all seems enhanced. I am drawn in through the in-between.”

Thesis. Touch/un-touch. Considerations in-between things.

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